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JLife's experienced and skilled facilitator positions its groups as the catalyst for meeting these emotional needs on an ongoing basis.

JLife Seniors are living the Intentionally Joyful Lifestyle! 

A division of Tuscaloosa Center for Cognitive Therapy

Group members agree that JLife is

more rewarding than social groups!

                 Intentionally embedding JOY into the journey!

Dr. Vaughans and group members singing the JLife theme song "Intentionally Joyful,

That's  me"! 

Doris C. Vaughans, PhD, LPC, NCC RN


Nonfinite Losses are embedded in life’s journey and are a part of the human condition.  Nonfinite losses  such as normal aging and changes in family constellations often create  heavy toll for seniors, as the subsequent and certain internal experiences usually go unrecognized.


JLife Groups are a gem for seniors offering a program that has substantial personal meaning and that taps into the joys of community.  The objective of JLife groups is to address lifespan challenges and the effects of nonfinite losses in a “intentionally joyful” atmosphere.  

JLife's program utilizes the support group philosophy to enhance social, mental and physical health, and overall wellbeing while increasing sense of self worth and infusion of added-joy into life. 

JLife is a vehicle that provides seniors with empowerment for ongoing renewed synergy with life!

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